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Version actuelle : 1.6
Mise à jour :
Nécessite Android : 1.6
CATÉGORIE : Professionnel
Installations : Entre 1 000 000 et 5 000 000
Taille : 8,6M
Classification :
Google play : SuperLivePro : SuperLivePro : SuperLivePro

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SuperLivePro is a professional mobile phone client software for digital video recorders and IP cameras in CCTV surveillance (compatible models only).
The software is for professional usage and copyright protected.

1.Support the main stream at single channel,but SDI and NVR don't support local record at this status.
2.Add CMS mode,it can connect an preview multiple devices,(Below android3.0,it don't support CMS mode)
3.Add backup and restore ServerList function.
4.Add "help document", "Fast study", "Rate software" function.
5.Improved video fluency.
6.Add network sleection on LoginView.
7.Provide 10 favorate groups for your preview, when open CMS mode.
8.NVR don't support remote playback。
9.Fix some bug.

If an exception occurs after updating the software, uninstall and then reinstall the software

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