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UPDATED ON : 21 février 2012
CATEGORY : Divertissement
INSTALLATIONS : Entre 50 000 et 100 000
SIZE : 11M
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Battlefield 3 Handbook - unofficial
The Battlefield 3 Handbook app is your guide for the multiplayer perspective to Battlefield 3, one of the best FPS games ever made! In the current version you'll have access to all the weapons, maps, equipment, vehicles and classes information, Back to Karkand DLC included. Give it a try!

Also, if you have a facebook account give the app a Like so you can follow all the new stuff and tip me off on something cool you'd like to see here!

Thanks for all the feedback, it's really important.
Also if you believe something is innacurate, please warn me so I can deliver you all a better app:)

 Battlefield 3 Handbook
 Battlefield 3 Handbook