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UPDATED ON : 20 septembre 2012
CATEGORY : Musique et audio
INSTALLATIONS : Entre 10 000 et 50 000
SIZE : 72M
Test review and rating : Tous

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Pro Tools 10 is here, and with it comes some highly anticipated new features. Join Bill Burgess in this FREE 5-video sampler and see what’s new in Pro Tools 10 ...

So just what IS new in PT10? Pro Tools 10 has 32-bit floating point architecture. What does this mean? Well, how about a virtually distortion proof, unlimited amount of internal dynamic range! Pro Tools 10 also has Clip-Based volume automation. Check out Bill’s video on this awesome feature to see how to devolve and chop up some sweet beats. Pro Tools 10 also comes with some new instruments and FX which Bill unleashes to construct some nasty, sounding loops.

So whether you're just checking out What’s New or are looking to get your AVID Certification, you can start your Pro Tools 10 education right here at—an AVID Learning Partner Online—with our complete Pro Tools 10 100-Series of tutorial-videos and learn everything there is to know about Pro Tools 10.

Table of contents:

1. Promo
2. Introduction to Pro Tools 10
3. Clip Based Gain
4. Working With MIDI
5. Doing a Quick Mix
6. Bouncing to SOUNDCLOUD

 Pro Tools 10 - What's New
 Pro Tools 10 - What's New
 Pro Tools 10 - What's New
 Pro Tools 10 - What's New
 Pro Tools 10 - What's New