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UPDATED ON : 14 février 2013
CATEGORY : Divertissement
INSTALLATIONS : Entre 10 000 et 50 000
SIZE : 1,6M
Test review and rating : Tous

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The fun little virtual Piano for Android.

Everyone can easily play the piano,even if you never played a piano,fun and simple.

The fun piano has two modes:

Normal play mode: Tap the piano key to play songs.
Fake mode: Turn on the switch, and then tap anywhere you want. Under the fake mode, the background music "Jingle Bell" will be played when you tap the piano key and the music will be paused when you release the finger.
This is a fun way to play real piano music on your android phone.

24 keys
Studio quality sound
HD device support
Hardware acceleration
Fast loading
Multitouch support
Support all screen resolutions - Cell Phones and Tablets (HD)

Keywords: Piano,master,perfect,fun,fake,music

 My Little Piano (Free)
 My Little Piano (Free)
 My Little Piano (Free)
 My Little Piano (Free)