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FREE WebCam and IP Cam Viewer

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UPDATED ON : 16 août 2012
CATEGORY : Professionnel
INSTALLATIONS : Entre 100 000 et 500 000
SIZE : 711k
Test review and rating : Niveau 3 - Large

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Watch YOUR webcams (built in and USB such as Logitech, Creative, Microsoft etc.) and Watch and Control YOUR IP cameras on your Android for FREE. Remote monitoring with touch of a button.
* Very easy to setup – less than 5 minutes.
* For webcam just install our free desktop software
** Free for 2 cameras, you can upgrade for more

WEBCAM Viewing:
STEP 1. Install our free desktop software "MobileCamStreamer":
STEP 2. Add the webcam id on to the MobileCamVIewer Application on the phone

Watch video tutorial on this:

For IP Camera:
Make sure you have "Public Static IP" for your camera and enter in the settings dialog of the MobileCamViewer phone application.

- Features:
-- Reliable - Carrier-class operations , you can count on
-- Passed on major carriers
-- Secure, private and your access information is encrypted
-- Multiple users can view the camera concurrently

-- All Windows built-in and USB Webcams are supported. (Webcams connected to Apple - under development)
----No need to open ports or configure router or getting static IP or DDNS service
---- Automatically reconnects incase of network or power failure

-- Seamlessly connects with popular brand IP Cameras such as Axis, Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, Canon, Pixord, Mobotix and many more.
-- Ability to store and watch multiple branded cameras in a single application for easy access within seconds.

--Increase Productivity and Cost Savings: View the situation without needing or having to be in front of the computer.
--Avoid expensive alarm verification fees

Upgrade for more cameras better version with HexView, buy at AppStore.

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For a complete list of supported cameras and case studies etc please visit:

For Browser visit: or with the same login as in iPhone. Sync cameras between both the platforms. Works on Chrome, Safari, IE, FireFox, Opera and more.

 FREE WebCam and IP Cam Viewer
 FREE WebCam and IP Cam Viewer