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LATEST VERSION : Varie selon les appareils.
UPDATED ON : 21 janvier 2013
ANDROID VERSION : Varie selon les appareils.
CATEGORY : Style de vie
INSTALLATIONS : Entre 100 000 et 500 000
SIZE : Varie selon les appareils.
Test review and rating : Niveau 3 - Large

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Count down the days, hours and seconds until an event in your life. Counting down to a celebration, your wedding, a birth in your family or perhaps your retirement?

Just put a date of an event from the past into Days Until and it will count up from the event. Now you can work out how many days you have been married!

Easy to use app provides a fun way to mark off those days. Set your own date and check regularly to see how long you have left.

You can now share your countdowns with others on facebook, twitter and others. Just tap on your countdowns to get the option.

- The permissions requested by this app are those required for Admob advertising.

- This app countdowns to a specific time on a certain day. If that is midday tomorrow. Any time after midday today will mean there are zero days left and so many hours. This is probably why some people are thinking there is an off by one error on the days.

If you have spotted things being out by one hour it is probably daylight saving hours causing this difference.

Having said that if you have found a bug/error please email me and let me know. I really want to fix all bugs. Please include the time you are counting down to.

If you don't like the ads but like this app I now provide an ad free (paid for) version. Just search for DaysUntil Ad Free.


 Days Until
 Days Until