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UPDATED ON : 10 avril 2013
INSTALLATIONS : Entre 10 000 000 et 50 000 000
SIZE : 709k
Test review and rating : Tous

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Strongly Recommend to Read the following instruction before install this app.

★★★This app is NOT able to display Emoji★★★


This is the Keyboard to input Emoji icons in everywhere such as email, twitter, sms…… together with the normal English keyboard which make input Emoji more convenience.

Main features:
★ Swipe left/right to different page of the same category emoji.
★ Click on the category to move to next page.
★ Swipe left/right to swap between alphabet & numbers keyboard.
★ Also, Input symbol such as ♥★♪♬◢◣◤◥♂♀▲▼█■㏂㏘ ✔✘∴∵⇦⇧⇨⇩‧ツ─…


To enable the Emoji Keyboard, please go to home -> Setting
-> Language & Keyboard, then check the Emoji Keyboard to enable it.

To use emoji keyboard, you need to change the input method
In Gingerbread (Android 2.3.x), change the input method by holding the Text Box, and select the "Input Method", then choose Emoji Keyboard.

In Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0.x), change the input method by chick on any text box, then drag down the notification bar and select "Select Input Method", then choose Emoji Keyboard.
If you have issue, please send me an email. Please don't comment below only as I can't reach you directly from the section below. Thanks!!/klncity1

This app is not able to make Android to display the emoji as Android is not natively support Emoji


If you want to see the Emoji icon on your device, please follow the steps below to replace the font.
1. you need to have a rooted device. For how to root your device, please google it yourself.
2. backup /system/fonts/DroidSansFallback.ttf by adb or Root Explorer
3. download the font with emoji from
4. replace the font in /system/fonts/DroidSansFallback.ttf by the "downloaded font" by adb or Root Explorer
5. if you use Root Explorer, please press "Mount R/W" on the top right corner to enable the write permission on /system/fonts/
6. set the file permission of the font as below
user = read & write
group = read
others = read

If you have used Font Changer to update the font previous, please use Font Changer to replace the system font to Emoji Font. Otherwise some of the Emoji could not been shown up.

◆◆◆◆ or you can download Emoji Font Updater below ◆◆◆◆

Once more, please backup before you do anything.

If you don't have the emoji font, the emoji can still be sent correctly although it doesn't shown up on the screen. In addition, you can use this keyboard together with Whatsapp or others apps which support emoji.

 Emoji Keyboard
 Emoji Keyboard
 Emoji Keyboard
 Emoji Keyboard