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UPDATED ON : 10 août 2013
INSTALLATIONS : Entre 100 000 et 500 000
SIZE : 1,8M
Test review and rating : Niveau 3 - Large

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Here is Pouf making mischief. Have fun and makes jokes to your friends. With this application you can:

★ Select your favourite sound of burp and see the funniest Pouf. You can change the sound of burp anytime.

★ Countdown: Spend good jokes to your friends. Choose your favorite sound of burp, enter the seconds it takes to sound and click the start button. Hide the phone close to your friend and have fun when it rings.

★ Inflate: Scare your friends. Tell them to inflate the Pear of Pouf the most they can by clicking the button inflate and suddenly...BUUHHH! (Warning: this may scare you).

★ Recorder: With this application you can record your burps and any other sound and play any time you want. The sounds are automatically recorded on: sdcard/Pouf/Sounds.

★ Choose: Hear all the sounds and choose your favourite. Play it as many times as you want.

This application can be stored at the SD external memory.
Please rate the application on the Google Play ★★★★★

This is not a fake application of Pou. This application has nothing to do with the game Pou , or the creators of Pou. It is not trying to imitate Pou or anything like that. It is simply an application where you can play jokes to your friends with sounds of burps and the modes described above. For nothing is a sort of Tamagotchi nor a new game of Pou.


Fakur Games.

 Pouf Burps
 Pouf Burps
 Pouf Burps
 Pouf Burps