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UPDATED ON : 13 janvier 2014
CATEGORY : Divertissement
INSTALLATIONS : Entre 50 000 et 100 000
SIZE : 247k
Test review and rating : Niveau 2 - Modéré

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No root required!
This app will install Debian or Ubuntu onto your device.
You will need a mouse or stylus to use it.
Contains bugs! If you need stable desktop environment for everyday use - you'd better search for another Linux installer, there are several such apps on Google Play, all of them require rooted device.

GIMP image editor, or office suite pre-installed (AbiWord and Gnumeric, there's no PowerPoint support).
You will need 200 Mb free on internal data storage, plus 500 Mb on SD card.

This app is NOT full Ubuntu OS - it is a compatibility layer, which allows you to run Ubuntu applications.
Your phone is NOT rooted during installation.
This is NOT official release.

There are several limitations:

- It cannot mess up your Android device. It is a plain regular Android app, so you can close or kill it when you desire.
- Desktop environment is somewhat broken.
- Video output is slow. This can be improved by creating native Android server (Xsdl is a good place to start).
- No audio support. Maybe it will be added in the future, however it will lag a lot, and there's no way to fix the lag.
- No hardware mouse support. Probably it will be added in the future.
- No OpenGL support. It's possible to add it but it's a huge chunk of work, and I will not be doing that.
- No access to the device hardware. That means you cannot re-partition SD card, you cannot burn CD-Roms, you cannot run ping or sniff your network etc.
- No camera support. It's possible to add, however not worth the effort, since Ubuntu can access photos on your SD card.
- No multitouch support - this is a limitation of Ubuntu itself.
- No ability to move app to SD card.
- No pseudo-terminal support, so XTerm and many utilities do not work.

Sources available on developer site.

 Ubuntu noroot
 Ubuntu noroot