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Version actuelle : 2.2
Mise à jour :
Nécessite Android : 2.2
CATÉGORIE : Communication
Installations : Entre 100 000 et 500 000
Taille : 245k
Classification :
Google play : Androbex : Androbex : Androbex

comment installer Androbex sur android ?

Androbex allows sharing of contacts and files of all types by sending them over bluetooth using OBEX object push.

Androbex can also receive files if the device doesn't already have this capability.

Because of incompatibility of socket permissions, Androbex might not work on all android 1.x.

Androbex was free and ad-free for about 2 years now. Now it is time for it to bring some revenue. An Ad-free version is also available in the market. Well, consider its price a simple donation if you like Androbex and see it is useful for you.
Internet and Network-based location are just needed for Ads.

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